Minnesota Renaissance Festival

I’m realizing with this blog that when it comes to writing, a lot of days go by with nothing new to report.  Either I’m ‘still writing,’ or ‘still waiting,’ or ‘still writing and waiting.’  So since I am new to Minnesota, I thought I would post about our experiences getting to know our new home. 

My husband and I were waiting at the airport when I spotted a brochure for the Minnesota Renaissance Festival!  Now I’ve never been to a Renaissance Festival which may surprise anyone who knew me in high school.  (I saw Shakespeare’s HENRY V when I was about 14 and it literally changed my life.)  But really the thing that caught my eye was the Pet Themed Weekend!!  As a proud owner of a one-year-old Papillon, I couldn't resist.    

Hugo as Robin Hood.

  Better shot with his dagger.

Unfortunately, we didn't win the doggy costume contest.  We lost to a 130 pound dog wearing a woman's medium-sized butterfly costume--you can't really compete with that--but we had a good time.



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