New Website!

Relaunched my new website and added a new blog component to it!  That's why there's not too much info on here yet...  I decided I wanted something simple and clean.  Plus I needed to update it with my new finished story.

MOD is complete and out to a couple of readers for final feedback.  Hopefully it won't come back needing too many revisions.  (I already had one reader tear it apart earlier this summer which was a very difficult day for me.  After re-working his comments into my story, I can see now it was completely necessary.)

While I'm waiting for comments from them, I decided to get going on my query letter and synopsis--two horrible, dreaded hateful things.  I already queried an earlier version of MOD (under a different title) at the beginning of this year and had some decent feedback.  I got two full requests and one partial from three amazing agents.  In the end, they all passed.  That's when I went back to work and pretty much rewrote the entire thing.  Everything changed--the premise, the storyline, even the title.  I feel that it's so much better.  Honestly, it's not even the same story anymore even though some of the world-building concepts are the same.  When I look at the old ms, I cringe knowing I actually sent that thing out.  My biggest mistake was that I didn't let anyone read it--I was too eager and sent it out prematurely.  

I'm not going to make the same mistake again so hopefully my last two readers will get back to me with some good comments and I can polish up MOD for the final push.


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