The Reading Room Aspiring Writers Competition

WriteOnCon is officially over.  I’m a little disappointed I didn't get any direct feedback from agents.  (I know… I know… it's a big deal to be ninja’d i.e. having them contact you for a submission but even one comment would have been nice.)  On the bright side, it was so helpful to have feedback from all of the amazing writers in the forum so it was well worth it.  I am looking forward to participating next year!

I wanted to mention another online competition hosted in part by WriteOnCon.  It’s for aspiring young adult and middle grade writers at The Reading Room which is a website similar to Goodreads.  I believe you have to sign up for the site and then submit your first 500 words here by AUGUST 16th. Tomorrow!  The winner receives a cash prize and an opportunity to be considered by dream agent, Catherine Drayton.  That alone should inspire everyone to enter.  

You can also read more about it at the WriteOnCon website here.  

Good luck!!


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