I've been searching the blogs for info on literary agents (since I'm putting together a wish list) and came across this post by YA writer Rachel Pudelek who just signed with Christa Heschke of McIntosh and Otis. 

It was so great to read what she went through and gave me a lot of renewed hope. I would check it out if you are also struggling getting your story noticed. Rachel--thanks for sharing and let us know when your book comes out!!

She also mentioned the WriteOnCon Forum.  I've never heard of this before!  I guess it pays to troll the blogs once in a while.  This looks really cool although when I saw the list of participating agents I felt a little faint.  Not only are they really awesome agents but unfortunately I queried a bunch of them earlier this year with the not-so-great version of my story.  Many of them rejected me.  Hopefully this time around, they'll see that MOD is a brand new story and give it a second chance!

Yesterday afternoon (after I launched my new website), I posted my query letter and writing samples of MOD up on the WriteOnCon forum.  It's only been one day and already I’m receiving so much great advice from my fellow writers!!  Especially on that stupid query letter!   I think that thing is harder to write than the novel itself.
So I'm off to work re-writing my stuff on the forum.  It's also been fun reading and contributing to other writers' stories.  

WriteOnCon officially starts August 13th but you can start posting anytime!  I'm also curious to see how the live events will go.


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