New House, Dystopians and the Horror Genre

So I've been busy the last few weeks.  We bought a new house!  We haven’t moved in yet but we are in the process of doing a few renovations.  It’s fun but stressful and of course expensive.  I know the only way we can get what we want in the end is if we do it ourselves. 

We fell in love with the very wooded and private backyard.  Here’s a sneak peek.

I guess we really are living the Minnesota life! 

I haven’t been doing a ton of writing the last few weeks (mainly because of the house) but I did send out some queries for MOD earlier this fall.  I've been getting a decent response--two full manuscript requests and of course the dreaded rejection emails.  I’m still waiting on responses although I do feel I may have missed the boat (again) regarding the trends.  

I probably shouldn't do this but I've been reading anything I can about the dystopian trend online.  I stumbled onto this article and even though it's more than a year old it does not bode well for dystopians.  It asks if The Hunger Games could get published today.  The answer?  It might have a hard time because "editors are 'dystopian-ed out.'"  Yikes!  If The Hunger Games might have a hard time today (one of my favorite YA books of all time) then how in the hell can my book even get through the front gates?  Even though I never really thought of MOD as dystopian I guess it kind of is.  I just hope someone sees it and knows it’s unique enough to differentiate itself from all the others.  

Speaking of trends and in honor of Halloween, I found an interesting article here about the YA horror genre.  I really like how she outlines the different categories.  I've always been drawn to the psychological and Gothic horror and usually avoid serial killers or anything slasher-esque.  I had a dream the other night about Jason.  (I just had to put that pic up.  Freaks the crap out of me.)  He was released from prison and came to live with us as some sort of a half-way house.  (In my dream, it was my husband's idea, not mine!)  Needless to say, he was not the best house guest.

MOD was initially called ASYLUM and even now I think my sci-fi story has a definite Gothic element to it.  Makes me start brainstorming different story ideas...

I guess I’m racking my brains about what to write next.  I’m sort of drawn to horror but I’m also kicking around a YA literary idea.  Not sure what to tackle and I guess I’m afraid to commit since I don’t want to end up dead in the water from bad timing.  But I guess you can never predict the trends and just write what you speaks to you.

NanoWrite is coming up next month.  I never participated before but I'm thinking I may give it a try just to get me motivated and writing!  I guess I have about a week to figure it out!  Happy Halloween everyone!!


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