This year I am participating in NaNoWriMo!  I considered doing it last year but I was in the middle of something I already started so it just wasn’t the right time.  I had been thinking about what kind of story to write for the last few weeks and decided on a YA Literary idea I’d been mulling over but when I sat down on Nov 1 and started typing on my computer, something completely different came out!

I started a Middle Grade Fantasy story!  This is totally new for me.  I even had to check on recommended word count and I’m still not clear on how long a chapter should be.  (Mine are really long at this point so I may need to cut them down.)  I’m also writing the narrative in a different tense and it’s from a male pov.  All new challenges!!  But I really love what I have so far although it’s taking me longer in this tense than my other stories.  I’m notoriously slow as a writer (I think it took me two years to write Amaranth Society and at least a year to write MOD) so I’m worried I may not be able to finish on time.  Here are my stats so far:

I started off strong but, much like everyone else in the Twin Cities area, I began to drag my feet at the end of week one.  And please disregard today's numbers... I haven't put in my writing time yet. :)  Even if I don’t finish by the end of the month, I will finish it this year.  This is a resolution I made for myself and one I’m going to stick to.

I’m going to keep this post short because I want to get some writing in before our weekend begins.  We’re still renovating the house so our days are filled with design warehouse visits and furniture shopping.  It’s fun but I wish everything was finished already!

Here's Hugo keeping an eye out for deer.  He saw four the other day and went nuts.  I hope he doesn't miss the city too much.


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