Happy Holidays!!!

My last post was a bit of a downer.  I wrote about how I lost momentum during NaNoWrite month and the story that I was working on started to fade away… Well, the second half of December has definitely improved!  I think I needed to let my NaNoWrite story just sit for a while.  I took some time to think about it and then all of a sudden I had a second wind.  I’ve been working on my Middle Grade Fantasy story now at full speed!!  I know I won’t finish by the end of December but I don’t really mind as long as I’m making decent progress.  It’s funny how writing motivation ebbs and flows. 

Also on a happy note, we have been getting the new house ready for the holidays and this year we finally put up a tree! 
Here’s a pic of Hugo standing in front of it.  I was afraid he might steal some of the ornaments for chew toys but he’s miraculously left them alone.  (As far as I can tell.)

Here’s one more holiday pic of Hugo in his Christmas Sweater that Uncle Tim and family got for him.  Usually, Hugo doesn’t wear clothes except for very special occasions… I think this sweater is pretty darn cute.  (That’s me in the background trying to get him to hold still.) 

On a final note, my elizabethrunnoe.com website is officially shutdown!  I checked it today and it no longer exists.  I am a little sad about it but I have to keep telling myself it’s easier having just one site. 

This post is going to be brief since I want to get some writing in this morning on my MG-Fantasy but I wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday!!


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