Sometimes Life Just Isn't Fair...

I know this doesn’t exactly pertain to writing but I wanted to post this video anyway.  In case you don’t follow figure skating, Mirai Nagasu placed third at the U.S.  Figure Skating Championships, which one would assume would then secure her the third spot for the US Olympic Team.  However, U.S. Figure Skating decided to award the third spot via committee to the skater who placed fourth.  The reason for this, they said, was that the fourth place skater’s “record and performance” were stronger than Nagasu’s (despite her being the only skater to compete at an Olympic competition before).  Although technically US. Figure Skating is allowed to do this the committee’s decision has stirred a lot of controversy over how Olympic teams are chosen. 

For me this hits home because sometimes life just isn’t fair no matter how hard you’ve worked or how wonderfully you’ve performed.  Mirai Nagasu should be proud of what she has accomplished and should know she’s a beautiful and talented skater even if she may not be officially recognized for it.

I hope you enjoy this video of her at the Nationals Expo after hearing the committee's decision.  I hope it’s not the last we see of her.


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