Winter Distractions

I missed this month’s IWSG post.  Darn it!  I was distracted by one too many things and just couldn't get it posted.  On a more positive note, the first few months of this year have been really great despite the ridiculously cold Minnesota winter.  (Now I know what it means to live here--days upon days of minus degree weather.  You sort of get used to it and when the thermometer actually hits double digits, it’s a celebration.) 

We did take a trip to Southern California which was a welcome break from the snow and then welcomed a brand new puppy into our family!  Sam!  He is so precious and we love him to bits even though he’s a bit of a monster.  He outsmarts me at every turn and I spend my days chasing after him and mopping up the floor after he’s done his damage.  I have a brand new respect for writers who also double as mothers… even though our little Sam is a ‘furry baby’ I can only imagine what a human child would do to your time management.
Today, I actually had a moment to sit down at my computer for the first time in what feels like days and tried to get back to my writing.  It felt really good!  I went through and reread my entire story (about 47k words so far!) and enjoyed a good portion of it and also picked out a couple of areas that needed revising.  It’s amazing what some time away can do for you.  I've been a little disappointed that I still haven’t been able to complete it--this is my NaNoWrite Novel, after all, that I started in November--but I’m liking what I have so far.  Even with the delays, it’s been worthwhile.

Here are some pics of Sam with his older brother Hugo.  I wish I took some of the little guy outside--he hates the snow.


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