Sadly, Nothing New to Report....

Time for another monthly post for the Insecure Writer's Support Group!  This is a blog hop so please check out some of the other insecure writer's here.

So... I logged into blogger this morning and realized I didn't post at all this last month. (Other than my IWSG post.)  It seems like March just slipped into a vacuum somewhere and now all of a sudden it’s April.  I wish I could say I was busy writing but I really haven’t progressed too much.  I started out writing this story in November (it was actually my NanoWrite project!) and I initially hoped to finish it by the end of 2013.  I suppose I should set a new goal to finish it by this summer. 

I really do like my current work in progress but now I’m starting to question if it fits my genre.  Initially, it was Middle Grade Fantasy and then I pushed it towards Young Adult Horror.  And now I’m wondering if it’s even teen???   Does anyone else have this problem?  I suppose the story goes where it’s supposed to go and I shouldn't fight it.  Still, if it starts to meander in one direction, I feel like I ought to go back and change things up so that it’s more cohesive. This, of course, means more work!!!

Hopefully April will be a good month for me and I can report back in May that I’m close to being finished!!  Best to luck to everyone else and I hope our long-awaited spring doesn't become too distracting.


  1. Um... yes! I have genre identity crisis at the moment. I've been all over the spectrum. I believe the story goes in the direction it wants to go. Yes, it'll be work, but in the end, allowing a story to be what it is will produce the best results! Happy IWSG post day. :)

    Btw, in case you didn't know, your Captcha is turned on. This extra step may keep folks from commenting. It's a simple task of turning it off in your settings on blogger.

  2. Hi Candilynn! I turned off my Captcha (or at least I think I did) so hopefully that will help other readers. Thanks for letting me know. And it's great to hear I'm not the only one with genre identity crisis. I hope in the end it will all work out okay. :) Thanks for the comment!


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