Wednesday, July 2, 2014

IWSG and Time to Start a New Class!

Time for another post for the Insecure Writer's Support Group! This is a blog hop so please check out some of the other insecure writer's here.

First off, I want to apologize for not posting last month and also for not responding to all the comments left on my blog the month before! I really appreciate anyone stopping by especially when you take the time to leave a comment so if I didn’t respond to you personally I would like to say THANK YOU now!!!

I had some personal/non-writing related stuff to deal with in June so I just didn’t have the energy to put together a post for the IWSG. Everything has settled down now so hopefully I can get back to writing. On a positive note, I considered and explored everyone’s advice that was left for me back in May about signing up (or not signing up) for a writing class. Here’s my update: I actually signed up for a class! Well, it’s more of a workshop so I’m hoping it’s a good mix of instruction and critique group. We are specifically going to focus on our current WIP. Perfect. I start next week so I will definitely be sure to let everyone know how it goes!!

That’s it for now. Hopefully in August I’ll have some great news about the status of my story. I’m really pushing to have it completed so I can participate in this year’s WriteOnCon. Has anyone heard anything about a date for this? I’m guessing it’s in August…

In closing, here are some flowers we planted around our house this year! Well, except for the Bleeding Hearts. We saw those spring up and were pretty much floored. So pretty. Gardening is a new venture for us so we are learning as we go. (That means we've already had a couple of casualties. Oh well.)