IWSG and Other Updates

I can't believe it's already September.  Time for another post for the Insecure Writer's Support Group.  As always, this is a blog hop so please check out the other insecure writers here.

First off, here is my update on the creative writing class I took this summer.  The critique of my current WIP went really well!  I received lots of encouraging feedback and many positive notes as well as some places to fix up a bit.  Overall, it was a huge relief.  I feel that I'm finally on the right track in terms of plot/voice and so now I just have to push on and finish it.

I also participated in WriteOnCon, an annual online writing conference that ended about a week ago. I always find the forums very useful and this year I left with a completed query letter for my current WIP.  Sadly, no agents viewed any of my manuscript postings.  This happened to me last year too.  I guess you need a little bit of luck to get noticed.  :)

So that's it for now.  The weather in Minnesota is starting to get cooler.  My husband and I keep saying, "Winter is coming!"  Yes it is.


  1. Good luck with your WIP! Glad you got a lot of encouraging feedback :)

  2. Receiving great feedback is a huge boast. The same happened to me recently and I am itching to get at my revisions! Nice to meet you today, I am visiting as IWSG co-host.

  3. I'm glad you got positive and constructive feedback! Sorry it went unnoticed, though.


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