Thursday, May 21, 2015

Writer's Voice Entry

I won the lottery for #TheWVoice 2015 contest!  This is my first time participating.  I am so excited.  Thank you so much to everyone for putting this contest together!!

***Update: I have posted a new version of my query letter below based on feedback received from the contest.  Thanks to everyone for taking the time to leave comments! 


Dear Amazing Coaches and Agents,

When Talmage True was born, people said it was a mercy that his mother died for the child’s razor-sharp teeth would have torn her apart. He was born with a full set.

Now fifteen, Talmage hides his misshapen face from those who condemn him for being unnatural. But a chance meeting with his estranged uncle, a curiosity peddler hawking the medically grotesque, brings Talmage a spark of hope. For the first time, Talmage feels a kinship with the bizarre creatures on display--the eight-legged taxidermied kitten and the dog whose body ends in a shell. After all, Talmage, too, is an aberration.

Talmage is drawn into his uncle’s dark world and together they create a clockwork figure in his exact likeness--a mechanical boy made of metal, covered in the flesh of stolen corpses. Late one night, the figure comes to life and Talmage--who has never had a friend before--welcomes it as a brother. But the world is no place for a clockwork boy especially when its body starts to rust and rot. Desperate to stay alive, it turns to murder to harvest fresh body parts. When it sets its sights on Alice, a girl scarred by fire who sees beyond Talmage’s monstrous appearance, Talmage must decide: dismantle his clockwork brother or watch it kill the only person who has ever shown him kindness.

A SAVAGE MISCREATION is an 86,000-word young adult Gothic horror novel. There is a possibility for a sequel although the manuscript could stand alone. I have degrees from Columbia and New York University, both in Film Studies, and have worked for several years producing TV documentaries. I currently live in Saint Paul, MN.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Elizabeth Runnoe

First 250 Words:

I always supposed it would be difficult to kill someone you love.  More than difficult.  It would be impossible, a gut-wrenching, mind-numbing horror that, if achieved, would haunt your soul forever. 
It has haunted me every single waking moment of my wretched life. 
You see, I did.
But if I had the opportunity, I would do it again.  I would tear his body limb from limb, extracting bone from delicate socket and shattering them into a thousand pieces.  From those shards, I would grind what was left of him into powder and then bury it miles apart so that there would be no chance his body could ever come together again.
If only I had. 
His chest weighed against the curve of my back, his breath rasping into my ear.  Gripping one arm, I dragged him down the rickety stairs, his bare feet knocking against the planks.  Outside, amorphous shadows clawed at the edges of the cobblestone street--only the moon would be witness to my heinous act tonight--and so, without looking back, we slipped into the trees. 
He was not awake and yet his lips began to murmur.  I must move quickly but how to do it?  How to kill?  A swift stone to the temple?  His skull was too thick.  Saw his head off his shoulders?  The spinal column too wiry.  A blade, then, through the center of his heart?
“But he has no heart,” I laughed a bitter cry. 
Inside the metal brackets that held his body together, I knew his chest was empty.