Official 2015 #PitchWars Mentee!!

I am so delighted to announce I have been selected to participate in this years #PitchWars!!!!  Before I can celebrate, however, I have to say my heart goes out to every single fearless writer who entered this contest and was not selected.  I understand disappointment and how hard it can be.  Before the announcement, I pretty much convinced myself I would not be on that list.  Nevertheless, I resolved to keep going no matter what.  I hope others feel the same. :)

I still can't believe I was chosen.  My fabulous mentors are Meredith McCardle and Ron Walters.  Yes, I have a team of TWO mentors!  How lucky can a girl get?  The thing I love about #PitchWars is that it's not just another query contest--it's an opportunity to revise your manuscript with authors who have ample amounts of experience.  I have to admit I'm a little fearful since I'm not sure what to expect during the revision process, but I'm up for the task!!

We have two months to work with our mentors to get everything into tip-top shape, then they open the contest to agents who can request pages.  I will be sure to update everyone with my progress along the way!!!  Best of luck and congratulations to all of my fellow mentees!!


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