Young Adult Gothic Horror
79,000 words

When Talmage True was born, people said it was a mercy his mother died, for the disfigured infant's razor-sharp teeth would have torn her apart. He was born with a full set. Now sixteen, Talmage looks more like a demon than a boy and does what he can to hide from the superstitious townsfolk who believe he's cursed. When his uncle comes to town, however, Talmage sees a spark of hope within his lonely existence. Talmage agrees to apprentice with the curiosity peddler and for the first time sets off into the world.

Talmage soon learns his uncle is a violent and maniacal man. Even so, he is drawn into his dark world, and together they dig up corpses to create a living, breathing clockwork boy. Late one night, their creation comes to life, and Talmage--who has never had a friend before--welcomes him as a brother. But the world is no place for a clockwork boy, especially when his body starts to rust and rot. Desperate to stay alive, he turns to murder to harvest fresh body parts. When he sets his sights on Alice, a girl scarred by fire who sees beyond Talmage's monstrous appearance, Talmage must decide: dismantle his clockwork brother or watch him kill the only person who has ever shown him kindness.

**June 2015: Selected for QueryKombat's #TeamPlatypus. Advanced to Round 3.
**September 2015: Selected for Brenda Drake's #PitchWars.


Young Adult Paranormal Western
Word Count: TBD

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